Monday, February 28, 2005

(my own) voice from the past

Last evening my brother came over to watch the Oscars. While we were having dinner he mentioned that he had come across a web site that was an assemblage of quotes, some from teachers at my school, and that there were a few from me. He could not remember the site, but after some resourceful googling we found it. It was a website of a former student of mine; and he had been collecting quotes for years. When I read this one, I laughed so hard I thought I would choke:
If I were one of those people who talked to themselves, then I wouldn't be here. I would be somewhere else. Talking to myself.
And amazingly, although I said this at least ten years ago, now I remember the situation that provoked it. I was teaching a music theory class. This particular class was quite chatty (and charming, as I recall). I would become exasperated (or mock-exasperated) and produce witticisms like this one. What I found particularly funny about this quote was the student's grasp of punctuation. Very precise.

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