Wednesday, March 09, 2005

absence, continued

One of the things I truly miss from the past is a certain feeling that accompanied the aimless, comfortable "hanging out" that I used to enjoy with my friends in college and in the short years after college before our lives became less wrapped up in each other and more with new concerns: jobs and school, marriage for some, children, etc. And people moved away: to DC, to LA, to Chicago. And what did we do? Sit around, drink, smoke, and talk talk talk talk. I miss that. I am somewhat of a hermit now, and so much of my work is solitary. So if any of you Vassarettes ever happen upon this (and I know at least one of you does, Mr. ATS) realize that I do miss you all. I miss those days. In some strange indescribable way, I was so much happier then than now. Or is this just some kind of warped nostalgia, my real perceptions faded away over time, replaced by sweetened ones?

long ago and far away

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