Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Perhaps I have been mistaken in considering this blogging as a kind of dialogue. Although I write these posts for myself, as another vehicle for expression, and I post pictures and artwork as an offering to you, the person who might randomly or intentionally check out my blog, I have enjoyed the interchange among my "regulars." Yet this creates a problem for me, one of expectation. So I must surrender expectation. This attitude could actually be applied to almost every aspect of my life, but I think that it is best if I use it sparingly, at first.

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Mad Dog Williams said...

Oh, it's a dialogue, alright, it's just that sometimes it seems more appropriate to be a silent observer as I read your posts. As I have said before to you, your world of the city and art and music seems impossibly far away and exotic to me, working as I do among the trees amd hedges in England, so sometimes I hold back. For what it's worth I read your blog at the expense of my own. One day I may use mine properly. One day.
Expectation is a real killer, isn't it? Equalled only by antici...
pation, as they say.
Imagine all the hopeful faces around the world - you, me, everyone - excitedly logging in to find, nothing.
Stu (22.31 GMT)