Tuesday, March 08, 2005


hands at work
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I have a concert Monday evening. At my school we have a faculty concert series, and I will be playing with my trio--me on piano, Dom Richardson on bass, Greg Gonzales on drums--a thirty-minute set. I have still not decided what pieces I will play, but I know two: "Samba do Aviao", by Jobim, and "It Might As Well Be Spring." Or maybe "One Note Samba." I want to play "I Wish I Knew" but I don't want to do two ballads, and I definitely am going to play "Old Folks", another ballad. But here is the bigger dilemma: when I am in the thick of composing, as I have been lately, I don't practice. And when I get into practicing, I can't compose. So now I have to put composing aside for the rest of the week to practice and come up with the other two tunes and do the arranging and rehearse. The concert is at 129 Pierrepont Street (at Clinton) in Brooklyn Heights, Monday evening at 6 pm. There will be some pieces by Brahms on the first half of the program. If you want to come, please do. It's free.

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