Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Another blog disappeared. Poof! and it is gone. I wonder how I would feel if I deleted my blog. Gone. There would be no record, any longer, of several months of days. Online, we are ephemeral. I will miss the missing blog. I enjoyed reading it. I liked the photographs. It is a form of formalized socializing, I think. As if, instead of conversation, we made presentations to one another, yet without the restraints of manners that characterize "real time" presentations. I don't think I could delete my blog. Since I started, in late December, I think that not a day has gone by without me posting something--which means that either I have no life, and also means I have not been away in too long--or else that I am very dedicated. Perhaps both. But I do have a life, obviously. Keeping the blog helps me make sense of it. On the other hand, I could hide among the intricate patterns of this plant. I used to hide among our yew bushes when I was a boy. Crawling inside, I would become invisible.

plant (bw)

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Thierry said...

Un nouveau d├ępart...