Tuesday, March 01, 2005

march madness

"March at one march at once march at one march for once."

(Gertrude Stein: A BIRTHDAY BOOK)

Well, the weather forecast promised enough snow to close the schools. But unfortunately, my school is open. Tuesday is one of my two busy teaching days--I have classes four days a week, but only Tuesday and Wednesday are "full days", meaning I teach for about three hours Tuesday and four on Wednesday--and I was hoping that I would have the day to work on this piece that was supposed to be finished months ago.

And I am still mad but I am trying to relax. This situation is due to a houseguest who has been here a week. Anyone who lives in NYC probably has known a similar situation. If I had a bigger apartment it would be less of a problem, because I might have proper room for guests. Since I work at home much of the time it is difficult to have this situation, since the guest is here for large portions of the day. I need privacy and quiet to work, and thus I have been frustrated. I am particularly frustrated in the morning since that is the time when I do much of my composing and practicing, which is not possible when someone is asleep in the room where my piano lives. There are other circumstances which exacerbate my frustration, but I don't wish to list them, for doing so just incites my madness even more. So I am looking out the window at the falling snow and trying to let go of this feeling of frustration.

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