Friday, March 11, 2005


I am sitting at my computer reading the NYTIMES online, and I have just read this article about the upcoming mayoral race. C. Virginia Fields and Fernando Ferrer have made a pact to have a campaign free of attacks and the usual mud-slinging. Reading the article, about Fields's childhood in Alabama, her participation in Dr. Martin Luther King's marches, and her efforts to keep the campaign honorable actually made me feel like I was about to cry. At first I thought that I must be completely unhinged. Then I realized that I have a similar response almost every time I witness some example of honorable, generous behavior, one person to another. Maybe because it is a sign that despite the chaos and loss of compassion and civility that seems to have become an essential part of our lives, there are still noble people.

And now it is snowing, and the bridge is invisible from my window.

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