Monday, March 28, 2005

sleepy (after Théo)

The only people who shouldn't be napping are those losing sleep from insomnia or depression. Napping can worsen these conditions.

I read this on the CNN website. Yesterday I wanted to take a nap, but I didn't. Napping is usually impossible for me; normally I can't sleep in the day, and I have enough difficulty sleeping at night that I don't want to mess around.

Last evening Nani and Mateo came for dinner. I wanted to make lamb and asparagus (Easter dinner for this non-Christian gathering) but was not able to find suitable ingredients, having waited too long to go to the grocery store. So I roasted a chicken and made garlic mashed potatoes and kale and Yoshi made this amazing dessert, little orange cakes. It was fun, and Mabel entertained us all. But by eleven o'clock I was so tired I could barely move. So I slept all night, only waking once, which is highly unusual for me. This is the week of spring break so I don't have to teach, and the rain today will make it a good lazy day. I should take advantage, since the rest of the week looks rather busy.

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