Friday, April 29, 2005


I cried last night and now I am crying now.

My sister called me last night to tell me that one of my best old high school friends had died suddenly. Sue and I had been very close while I still lived in PA. After my mother died I never really went back to my hometown, and we had lost touch, but I occasionally heard about her from others. Sue was an incredibly gifted musician. Her voice was unforgettable. She had had some real trouble back in college, but had gotten her life together and was living in State College (where she finished school at Penn State) and was making music, performing, and working as a science writer.

We became particularly close after my father left. She was the first friend I told, after I came to school that horrible day and she sensed something was wrong. "What's going on, Little E? Are you ok?" she asked me that morning in history class (she fondly called me "Little E" because of my larger, older brother). Sue was the only person I knew of our circle who had divorced parents, and we both shared the notoriety and stigma of having a "broken home" as it was so nicely called back then. She had such sparkle, such intelligence, such conviction and passion for life. We used to do wild things together, go romping through the woods, doing too many drugs, but our greatest joy was playing guitars while she sang in her gorgeous rich contralto. I was so sad last night that I could not really speak. I hope that she has found peace. I know life for her was not easy. It rarely is. Sue, I will never forget you. Maybe someday I will see you again.


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