Sunday, April 24, 2005

little boy

Y and I went to the Japan Society to see the exhibit "Little Boy" which was curated by the artist Takashi Murakami. It was crowded, and we didn't feel like paying the $12 admission, so we just wandered around the lobby and saw the parts of the exhibit that didn't require a ticket. Like these machines:


It is some kind of gambling device, like a slot machine I guess. I have never used a slot machine, so I am really not sure. For some reason, there were so many people wearing black leather at the Japan Society that I was surprised.

We had taken the subway from Brooklyn and were not paying attention to the stops, so we missed Grand Central, and got out at Fifth Avenue instead. Since we were on the same block, we went to Barney's. I used to be such a shopper, but lately every time I have gone shopping I've left empty-handed. This was no exception. After Barney's we decided to walk downtown to 47th Street, and got tangled up in one of those generic street fairs. Y liked it but I didn't (I hate crowds) but then my sister called me so I was able to ignore the crush of people while I chatted with her. But she was driving and I didn't want her to talk and drive at the same time, so I told her I couldn't hear her because of the noise from all the people and loud music.

We saw this incredible green tree around 53rd Street, off of 2nd Avenue. I took this picture, but it does not do justice to the color.

pale green

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