Wednesday, June 22, 2005

country life

The other day, driving in the car up to Beacon, Y. mentioned that he would like to live in the country. I have often pondered this myself. To wake up in the morning and see trees and hear birds, and to live in rural quiet has always appealed to me. But I wonder: would I be bored? Yes, at times. I might become too much of a hermit. I might grow my hair long and grow a long crazy beard and wander through the woods talking to myself, so that people would talk about me when I went on one of my rare forays into town. Or I might just really really relax and be calmer. If I had a porch to sit on, I think I would feel better about the world in general. Or am I just succumbing to the idea that a change of place would make me stable? I have learned time and time again that this is not so.

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