Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dia Beacon

Yesterday, after leaving Mabel in the hands of her Aunt, Y. and I drove (or I drove and Y. was the passenger) to Dia Beacon, about 60 miles up the Thruway. It was a great place. Huge. Richard Serra, Robert DiMaria, Bruce Nauman, all giants of 1960s-era modernism.

There is a nice outdoor place to sit and have some coffee.

the scream (after edvard munch)

There are beautiful places to walk outside, too.


The grass around the café is planted in an interesting grid pattern. Some of the squares are of moss, not grass.


The cloud formations on the drive, and while there, were quite spectacular, great dark-and-light swirls of puffy cumulus clouds (I think that's what they are).


Unfortunately I could not take photographs inside the museum. But some of my favorites were represented, including work by Agnes Martin from the 1960's which is her best, I think. And this incredible room by Sol Lewitt. And Robert Ryman too.

You can walk in, feel awed by the cavernous space, wander through the room with the huge tilted steel Richard Serra sculpture, and then go back out to recover. Here is a view of the café again.


We drove in my old red car. It is quite dirty, but the a/c was just fixed and it is running quite well.

dirty car

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