Saturday, June 25, 2005


Francine found this amazing door on the street. Well, it wasn't all that amazing when she found it, but as she paints and decorates it, it is becoming more and more interesting. One of the great things about living in NYC is that you can furnish your place really well and creatively with things you find on the street. People discard some really great stuff. I have this marble shelf in my bathroom that was made with a slab of marble and bookcase, both of which I found. The marble, probably from someone's mantelpiece, was sitting on top of the trash one evening and I carried it home, delighted, although it was extremely heavy and I was afraid I might drop it. It would have broken into pieces. But the pieces might have been interesting too. I have chairs, a kitchen shelf, and a table too. I used to have a rocking chair and a slatted bench that I painted bright yellow. But then I gave it to a friend. I also have a small dresser that I found down the block.


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