Friday, June 24, 2005

not interesting

I have nothing of interest to say today, really, but since I have not missed a day since I started this blog (is that pathetic?) I thought I had better write something. I just called my doctor because my throat is no better today than it has been for the last three days. I don't have a fever, but that might be due to the advil I have been gulping. He said I must come in today, and so I will. I guess it is best that I did not go to Pennsylvania, although I think my sister would have welcomed my company. She told me that last night she slept out in the yard in a tent with Alex and Jake. Alex got the tent for his birthday, a gift from my father and stepmother. I thought that was very sweet, that she did that. Caleb, the youngest of my nephews, would have joined them, but he is probably too young, and besides it is a three-person tent, and he is half a person (in size) and that would have made things too crowded.

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