Sunday, June 26, 2005


Last night I was quite agitated and although tired from the day I could not fall asleep and then I could not remember whether I had taken my trazodone and so I ended up taking twice my normal dose. So I took the maximum dosage and while this is not really dangerous it certainly affects my head and now, having been woken up by Tuna at six a.m., I am feeling quite light-headed and disoriented. I hope that I can fall back asleep soon and wake up again. I did have some wild dreams. But they were not good dreams. While right now they are vague in my mind, the last one was tense. The trazodone strongly affects the intensity of my dreams. So while I may sleep more easily, my dream-life becomes frantic, perhaps to balance the fact that I am actually sleeping like a normal person. Can't be too "normal," I think.

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