Wednesday, June 29, 2005



Yesterday I was trying to do some work and so I started to print out the score of my piece so that I could take it with me and stare at it in unusual places like the subway or the car, anywhere but at the desk or piano. Maybe a new perspective could get me going.

But lo and behold, the printer said it was out of ink! Luckily, I had new cartridges. I installed them.

Still, no print! I cleaned the print heads. Once. Twice. Four times. Still, nothing.

I called Epson. Together with the woman on the phone, I determined that the print heads were hopelessly clogged and either the printer needed repair, or should be tossed. This is the second printer in a little over a year. Same problem.

She told me that you should never leave the printer on, as this exposes the print heads to air, and that you should not leave paper stacked in the printer. I am one of those neurotic people who reads the instruction booklet. Nowhere did I find those admonitions. I am sure they want you to leave the printer on and the paper in the tray so that your printer will break and need replacement. Otherwise they would not sell enough printers.

Just when I think I might be able to save some money for a trip or something, this type of thing occurs. I ordered a new printer. I need it for my work. But I was pissed.

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