Friday, July 01, 2005



I feel normal this morning, except that I think I have sneezed at least sixty times since waking, from allergies. I just took a claritin as a last resort.

Last night my three comrades came over and we worked on songs. I have made good progress with two songs, and we started thinking about arrangements. It will be time, soon, to go into the studio and record, but I still have to write a few verses for one song, and a bridge for the other. Here's wishing for concentration...

Since I have ADD, this is not always easy. ADD is a tag-along with bipolar disorder. Sometimes, in the past, I would take ritalin, which helps me concentrate but makes me very nervous and jumpy.

I know, I know, I am just a litany of disorders. But after many years of everyone telling me "it's ok, you are fine, it's ok, everything's fine" it is liberating to realize that no, it's not fine, and that some things can be fixed.

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