Friday, July 15, 2005


Just now, listening to NPR, I heard a segment on how the Supreme Court vacancy is playing out in the "heartland." People from a church in Omaha were interviewed. First, we heard the pastor leading a special "prayer meeting" in which he opened by saying "we are here to pray for the Supreme Court." Then he told the interviewer that the opinions of the court are more secular than he thinks the "American People" wish them to be. Funny, last I checked, this was a secular country with a secular government. Next a woman was interviewed. She said "I trust President Bush. I am very happy with the decisions he has made and I know he will make the right decision. I am glad that he is our president." It is hard for me to fathom how anyone could say that, unless they don't read, don't follow world events, and can trust that smirking cowboy-idiot for even a few seconds.

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