Saturday, July 09, 2005

some sun

the long view

The sun is out this morning. Not strong, but clearly present.

Last evening I went to Y's to work on some songs. I was in a somewhat pissy mood. As usual, when I am in a bad mood Y cannot rise above it, and chooses then to act pissy too. So it was a bad combo. When I got home and was going to go to bed I discovered that Pomona had puked right in the center of my bed on my new duvet cover, a splurge (Calvin Klein ooh lala) so I had to do laundry, which is not what I had had in mind. Why do cats always do such things? She would never puke on the kitchen floor which is tile and easily cleaned. Always the bed or a rug or the sofa. Of course I can't get mad at her since she sings so sweetly to me all the time.

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