Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stupid Me

So yesterday, after a morning swim, I decided I would tackle the onerous task of re-grouting the shower (as those who might actually read this blog would already know). And so I did. The first step is to remove the old grout with a grout saw. I did this with great energy and determination, and a certain amount of stupidity, because I didn't realize that this activity would create a huge amount of dust, and so I didn't wear a mask, and so I inhaled the dust, even more so because my shower is a separate stall shower (I also have a tub, such luxury!) and so I was sawing away at the grout in a small enclosed space. So last night I have a horrific allergy attack as my respiratory system fought the intruding dust, and today I can hardly breathe. I went swimming (just returned) and was quickly winded in my worst asthmatic way. But the grouting is done, mostly; there are a few spots I must touch up. I promise I will never again try to do it without wearing a little surgical mask.

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