Saturday, July 16, 2005


Both Y. and I lost our mothers at almost the same age (he was 24; I was 25). His mother was 51 when she died of cancer; my mother was 50 when she died of cancer. Last night we sat up, almost all night, and talked about these things. We were both crying and crying. We thought that maybe our two mothers were watching us. His mother's name was Kumie. My mother was Judith. J-K are next to each other in the alphabet. We thought that where they are, language does not matter, so that they are good friends.

I stayed at Y's house in Japan for the holidays a few years back. His mother took such joy in her family. She was so happy and full of energy, cooking, talking, laughing. Then she and his sister came to visit here, and I helped take them around. They came here and met Mabel. His mom thought Mabel was a boy, because she though her name was May-bo. Bo is a diminutive for "boy" in Japanese.

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