Thursday, July 07, 2005

what a morning

So far, and I have only been awake for less than two hours, this morning has been odd and not at all promising.

First I woke and turned on NPR and heard about the terror attacks in London, which threw me into a state
(I saw all of 9-11 from my apartment, including the second plane flying into the tower, and the collapse of both towers, and to this day I have sudden flashbacks and acute anxiety about it).

Then while walking my cute Mabel a bird shit on my leg. Back at my building, I got on the service elevator
(dogs are not supposed to take the other ones) with the lovely housekeeper of a family on the third floor, and the elevator got stuck. My incompetent doorman only responded to the alarm after we had rang it at least half a dozen times.

Maybe I had better not leave home. But I will, as I have various things to do.

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