Thursday, August 25, 2005


It was too short. Vermont is so beautiful; every time I am there I am in awe. Years ago, after spending one summer there, I decided that one day I should live there. This time I felt the same way; I feel so much more calm and peaceful in nature than here in the city. I would get more work done. The pace of life is better suited to my temperament. I no longer think that this is some romantic, idealized view, but rather, a realistic one. The house was incredible, so old and beautiful, two-foot-thick stone walls...It took me a while to decompress and relax, but the setting made it fairly easy. At night the stars were so vivid in the sky. And the food was awesome, because you can buy incredible vegetables and fruit, just picked.

I will take Mabel for her surgery shortly. I am nervous, but am faithful that Dr. N will take good care of her. Mabel had a wonderful time in Vermont running, exploring, and digging. She was so sweet and funny playing in the grass.

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