Thursday, October 06, 2005

good thing...

There is a reason why I am a musician and not an engineer, auto mechanic or plumber. This morning, as I was about to leave to teach, I noticed water running onto my kitchen floor. Alas, a pipe under the kitchen sink had broken. I got a bucket to catch the water. I then studied the broken parts and how it was all put together, and decided that it was something I could fix myself. I trotted off to the hardware store and bought the parts. I came home, assembled a collection of borrowed wrenches, and set about to put things back together. It seemed so simple. Yet I failed, and in doing so cut my right thumb rather nastily; it is still bleeding several hours later as I write this. So I called a plumber, and he is fixing the thing right now. I think plumbers make pretty good money, based on the cost of this. But the plumber was speedy, friendly, and the sink has a bright shiny new trap and drain.

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