Saturday, October 29, 2005

lying (cheating, stealing)

It would be naive of me (or anyone else) to think that no one lies. We all do it. Small lies: you look great! or I love what you did with the space! or I can't go to work because I am sick today...or one that I have uttered: "oh yes, the piece is coming along well. I should be finished by the end of next month."

These do no real harm. Often we lie out of politeness, other times for some personal gain, but that is harmless to others. It is when lies damage that they become dangerous. Case in point: the Bush administration's lies about Iraq have caused deaths in the tens of thousands, both of Iraqis and Americans. These same lies have caused the reputation of this country to plummet throughout the world. This damage most likely can never be truly undone. It can only be compensated for, hopefully sooner rather than later.

When someone you are close to lies to you (not a petty lie, but a significant lie) that person has really cheated you. He or she withholds the truth out of some personal motivation, but it may very well cause harm: the issue of the lie is often one that, if the truth comes out, will damage you. And the liar is stealing from you: they steal your trust. You wonder if you can ever believe the liar. You begin to doubt things that you once thought were true. This is sad. But my words are cautionary, not only to one reading them, but also to me.

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