Monday, October 24, 2005

sad conclusion

I have come to conclude that I may very well have broken my car last week. Trying to shift into park with the lever stuck, I probably broke the shifter assembly. While I did try to use the "shiftlock override" switch, I did not carefully read the directions. I wonder if I could have saved myself about $500. The thought makes me feel quite stupid. So I adopt the following philosophies:

1. It's only money
2. Nothing can be done about it now but I have learned to take a deep breath and move slowly in such situations
3. Since I don't spend so much on gas and operating expenses, it all evens out in the end
4. stop second-guessing and just accept things the way they are.

But I do remember that on that day I was very very tired and not thinking clearly on the return drive, and had I been in a better condition I probably would have figured the problem out. Haste makes waste, and I am living proof.

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lodgerlow said...

Welcome to my world. I do believe that this is the first list I've seen in your weblog. Just you watch... there will be many more...