Monday, November 21, 2005


Last night, due to my own absent-mindedness, I took twice my usual dose of desyrel, 400mg instead of 200mg. Not a good move. This is an antidepressant that is also a sedative. I am barely able to sleep without it, and when my doctor first prescribed it for me it was like a miracle (after years of insomnia I was finally able to fall asleep). But now I can't shake off the fog of the double dose. Another effect of this drug is that it provokes quite vivid dreams, and the one I had last night was truly fascinating. An array of people from my past and present, some already dead, participated in a large rambling party that seemed to last for days. I had my old guinea pig. Another friend had her cat. My friend ________, now a chef, was preparing elaborate food in preparation for opening his restaurant. My sister was working as a lifeguard. The dream took place in a strange wooded landscape with steep hills, a combination of Pennsylvania and San Francisco. I felt disoriented but happy throughout the dream. I will probably spend most of the day trying to sort it out.

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