Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Last evening at school the great tabla master Pandit Samir Chatterjee gave a concert and demonstration, along with his wife, who sang and played harmonium. It was fascinating. I have been to several concerts of Indian music, and each time it is mesmerizing.

I was introduced before the concert began, as I was setting up the sound system and making sure the performers had everything they needed. When he greeted me, he placed his hands together, palm against palm, with his fingers pointing up. His wife did the same.

When the concert began, they repeated the gesture. Pandit Chatterjee then explained that when he greets a person, or in this case an audience, with this gesture, it is because he is praising the god in each person.

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Tristin said...

Wow, I love that. Simple beauty.
A sincere thanks for your email. You are SO damn talented! The god in you...