Sunday, December 18, 2005



Patsy is doing fabulously after her surgery. If anything, her brief time away has made her even more sweet and affectionate. She still has a strong devilish streak, but it is charming. She has taken to toasting on the window sill above the radiator. Maybe she learned it from Pomona, who has enjoyed this practice for years.

For anyone who has depression issues, I highly recommend a pet or two (or four, as in my extreme case). For one, it gives you someone beside yourself to take care of, and can take you outside your own head this way. And two, you won't be alone. And they are quite entertaining.


lodgerlow said...

Sadly I'm allergic to cats, if I weren't I'd certainly have one by now. I'm also allergic to dogs, though not quite as badly. It's a shame because I love animals.

Tristin said...

I'm allergic too! Boo. I've never had a pet. I know - crazy! But I love the furry and not so furry dearly. They are so mysterious and amazing.