Saturday, July 01, 2006

My vet called several times yesterday in the afternoon and evening to get updates. This morning, for a brief time, I thought Pomona seemed a bit better; she sat up and she meowed to me, and she ate in the morning. But then once again she lay on her side, her breathing shallow and labored. She would not drink any water. The vet called again early because she had gotten the results of the blood tests. Her suspicion was that, in addition the thyroid and kidney issues, Pomona might have cancer somewhere, which would explain how she was wasting away. And also she felt that her heart and lungs were being taxed, and there could be no real improvement. But still every time I touched her she purred, and I lay awhile with my head next to her, petting her and listening to her little noises. I made my decision in a state of disbelief. Then Y and I took her, walking just a few blocks, and I held her at the end so she would not be scared.

I have had Pomona virtually my entire time here in New York. She was a sweet and elegant beauty, always dignified. Right now it is almost impossible for me to believe that she is no longer here, that she won't greet me when I come home with one of her beautiful chirping trills.


lodgerlow said...

Oh M, I am so truly sorry to hear this. I am so sad for you, and sweet Pomona. It is such sad news. I send you and your little companions my love.

maddog said...

Very sad.
Thinking of you.

medusa said...

I'm so sorry.