Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The first few years that I lived here in New York I was lucky to be able to spend the summers elsewhere. Vermont and New Hampshire and upstate NY were my havens. The past number of years I have been here for most of the summer, but I always had at least a week or so away. This summer was to be the first that I spent entirely in the city. I did not want to leave Pomona and Tuna, especially Pomona, as she grew more and more frail. But of course now that has all changed, and I have been rescued. A wonderful act of generosity will allow me to escape. I will house-sit upstate for a few weeks, in the Hudson Valley, a beautiful part of the world. I will take Mabel. Y will stay here and watch after Tuna and Patsy. I feel very lucky.

It is hardly that there is a lack of things to do here in the city, but I am disinclined to go out much because I really suffer in the heat. I am not, as I have written before, constitutionally fit for it, never have been.

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