Tuesday, July 04, 2006


As much as I know she was very old and that she was ill, I still wish so badly that I had more time with Pomona. The week happened so fast. I wish she were here. I could sit with her and pet her while she slept.

I grew up with a vast assortment of pets. My family was notorious. My cousin once told me that she always thought of us as living on a farm. Dogs, cats, horses, snakes, a guinea pig, hamsters, gerbils, on and on. I truly loved them all, but there are certain ones I bonded with in a unique way. In a lifetime (so far) of pets, Pomona is one who seemed to get inside my head. She was always at my side. When I played piano she sat in sphinx position next to me on the piano seat. After Mabel arrived, Pomona, ever the lady, was more dignified and let Mabel have a lot of my attention. But Pomona was always sitting discreetly nearby, and she would look me in the eyes and mouth a meow, a silent one.

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