Friday, September 22, 2006


One of the best things about not feeling depressed is the increase in my confidence. I used to feel very confident. During one long period in Chicago when I was not depressed I felt full of a kind of energy--not mania--but a kind of power that comes from not constantly second-guessing myself, from feeling in command of my thoughts, from realizing that I do have abilities and talents that are valuable and can be put to good use. I am not going to question why, now, I am feeling so good. I just want it to last. But whether it does last or doesn't, I am going to appreciate it in the present.

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lodgerlow said...

My... you look devilishly handsome in that photo.

I can relate to the confidence you mention: that which appears when one is released from the grasp of a protracted low mood. When I am in a similar state I am also coloured with Pride - at being able to steer my way out of the swamp: "Wow, I can do it! Yes, I have done it! I am a Star."

I loved your ...not constantly second-guessing myself... comment. That defines my mood-self-management perfectly.