Friday, September 01, 2006


horse house

I'm back in NYC. I woke early yesterday after a night of fitful sleep. I can never sleep the night before I have to travel. I was back here in Brooklyn by 10:30 after an easy drive. Patsy was so happy when I came in. Mabel was tired but excited. I was tired but felt relaxed until I saw the note on my iMac. Y could not get it to work the other night. He didn't tell me while I was away--and for this I can't thank him enough--because he didn't want me to stress out. But the short of it is that I had to erase the hard drive and reinstall everything, system software etc. I lost a lot of financial information and mail, but not too much else. It was not the way I wished to spend my afternoon, but such things happen. I wish I knew what caused it.

I am going to slowly adjust to being back here. Luckily it is a quiet weekend. I wish I were still in the country. It was sad to leave.

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