Sunday, September 10, 2006

summer is really over now

late summer afternoon clouds

Well, tomorrow I start teaching, which means that summer is truly over. I am looking forward to teaching, though, which makes me feel better about life in general. Today I had a very good meeting with the director of OEDIPUS and I am now assured that I am on the right track. Getting to midtown to her apartment was a chore. The subways are always so messed up on weekends. I checked out the MTA website in advance to plot an efficient course, but nonetheless the information was not 100% accurate, and I was forced to detour. Finally I ended up in a taxi on the last leg of my journey. Later, in the evening, after I had given Mabel a bath (finally washing away the last traces of her country sojourn) some friends came over and they asked me to play for them. I have hardly practiced all summer, but I played Ravel's "Pavane" and they enjoyed it, although I was annoyed with how out of shape I am.

I have decided to sell my car. As much as I am fond of it, I simply can't afford to keep pumping money into it. If I am going to spend money on it, I might as well spend money on a car that does not give me such headaches. I am not sad at all about this. It is a relief, actually, to have made the decision. I will probably wait a bit to replace the car, but when I do I will be practical and get a Honda or Toyota or Subaru, something that won't cost a fortune to maintain. I am even toying with the idea of buying a new car, but I doubt that I can afford one really.

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