Sunday, October 01, 2006


Loaded Gun

Every fall the residents of my building get together and have a sidewalk sale. It is a good opportunity to sell stuff you don't need, and when the weather is good (as it was yesterday) generally it is enjoyable. For some reason, though, we didn't get the usual big crowds we have gotten in the past, and my solid-maple coffee table (purchased at the old Conran's at Astor Place many years ago) had no takers. I did sell a bunch of other stuff, though, and came away with about $150 cash. I felt flush, because I rarely carry that much cash around with me. It is amazing how people will haggle over a few dollars. I ended up selling a black leather jacket that I no longer wear (although it is a very good one) for only thirty bucks because I didn't have the stomach to haggle with the guy. After all, the the purpose for me was not the bottom line. I left the stuff I did not sell on a neighbor's stoop, and within one hour it was gone. I did take the coffee table back inside, though, for next year.

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