Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Depression is cruel because it trivializes all that opposes it. For two weeks or so this one has been gathering and now it has landed. All the things that had me feeling good, energetic, all that seemed promising, recede, and now I am stuck in some dingy alley of the mind, like the one in the picture, and if I could curl up and disappear until it passes I would. I wish, when I am depressed, that I could just check out of my life the way one checks out of a hotel. I would return, of course, when I felt better.

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pate said...

You should do something about your depression, it's hanging on way too much on your blog. If you read through its entirety, I'm sure you'll find it more depressing than Jane Didion's latest book. Perhaps you need daylight lighting in your home in winter to help offset the early dark nights that might trigger sadness?