Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thanksgiving was fun. I drove down to PA with Y. We hit a lot of traffic because we did not leave Brooklyn until 11:30, which seemed to be the magic hour for everyone to hit the road. I had cooked most of the day on Wednesday: potato-leek soup, a gratin of spinach and kale, and cranberry sauce (but I make mine with other fruit also; this time fresh figs and apples, with lots of ginger and lime). My nephews were rambunctious, stuck inside because of the harsh cold rain. Y practiced driving in my car around the area where my sister lives. We ate a lot. Around 8 I decided we should head back; the rain had slowed. But after about thirty minutes it began to rain ferociously, and the rest of the drive was a white-knuckled adventure. People drive like freaks, passing on the right, going far too fast for the road conditions; and then there are those who plunk themselves in the left lane (which, apparently, is no longer understood as the passing lane, but rather the lane around which one passes) and go 50 mph. Then back in Brooklyn I joined the multitudes who were driving around Brooklyn Heights trying to find parking. Thank god my eagle eye worked and I spotted a man sitting in his Prius before he had even started it up and turned on the lights.

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