Monday, December 18, 2006


car wash
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I drove to PA on Saturday to celebrate Hanukah with my sister and her brood. In New Jersey I stopped to have the car washed. It was quite dirty; I last washed it in October. While waiting I noticed the number of hulking shiny SUVs that were waiting to be washed. Why do people wash cars when they are not dirty? Why do we waste energy so? I am getting more and more troubled by this obsession of mine. I wanted to ask the SUV-owners about it, but did not want a confrontation and so I kept my big mouth shut. When I got home to Brooklyn around 10 pm my neighbors were having their annual very loud holiday party, so I put on some crazy modernist music (Pierre Boulez's "Le Marteau Sans MaƮtre) at high volume to drown out their revelry.

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