Monday, January 29, 2007


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I think I look scary in this picture.

"She" commented on a recent post of mine, saying she wondered what made me laugh. From this picture one might guess I never laugh or even smile. But I do. My pets make me laugh. So do my friends. My nephews make me laugh, and my students often do too. All of the above make me smile. I like to laugh with people. It bonds us. But today, when I took this picture, my ear was killing me--as it still is--and I felt exhausted and feverish, as I still do. I will go to bed soon. I hope this ear thing goes away soon, or I will go crazy. And I have a concert on Monday, and so going crazy is not a good option. So I am neither laughing or smiling, just feeling overwhelmed.


she said...

my nephew is home today w/a miserable ear ache too.

hope you both feel better soon.

great photos. the self portrait in window glass is so interesting to look at and examine, and for me, in this one..

you don't look scary to me.. i think it looks like you are responding to someone saying something rude about your cat maybe..

health & success wished for you at your upcoming concert

from california

lodgerlow said...

I think you look beautiful [flutter, flutter].