Friday, January 19, 2007


winter road
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Well, it was not like this picture. But it did snow late last night. I noticed when I woke up to feed Patsy. Mabel would have loved it, but unfortunately for her, I fell back asleep and by the time I took her for her morning walk most of it had melted. But the cars parked on the street still had a covering of snow, and it was beautifully glinting off of the tree branches too.

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she said...

i came across your blog by way of clicking on "next blog"

and i'm sure i'll be back.

your writing is honest and so concise. your photography amazing. your paintings beautiful. your poetry captivating. and i've not listened to your music yet, but can only imagine it is a mix of all of the above.

always a pleasure to read from the heart of a fellow blogger and imagine life through a perspective, and experiences so different from my own.

i don't believe maintaining a blog is narcissistic. in fact i think it is the exact opposite. there is so much to be learned from writing out our experiences, and so much gained from sharing them.

from california