Tuesday, January 09, 2007


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In my neighborhood people have the wonderful habit of leaving unwanted books on a stoop. So occasionally as I walk along I find a selection of reading material for the taking. Late last week I picked up a dog-eared copy of May Sarton's JOURNAL OF A SOLITUDE. Sarton, a poet and writer of great accomplishment, kept this journal chronicling her days spent in solitude at her house in New Hampshire. She struggled with lifelong depression, and much of her writing is about how she copes, and how solitude both exacerbates her depression yet at the same time becomes of absolute importance to her and her work, mostly because she feels that she herself is so difficult, that her relationships with others are always troubled. She was a beautiful writer, and much of what she writes rings too true. I will post some quotes later.

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Special bonus: I just went out to do the move-the-car-to-the-other-side-of-the-street (and sit in it for an hour until it is "legal" to park it) routine. To warm up the engine, and thus have some heat, I drove around the 'hood a bit. And lo and behold! I found a space in front of my building where I can leave the car until this evening, and thus I have gained an extra hour this morning. Lucky me.

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