Monday, February 12, 2007


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I got slammed with this wicked head cold Saturday morning; well, really it was Friday night. I guess that the cold was just waiting until I stopped moving to latch on to me and bring me down. Saturday I made chicken soup--the jewish mother trick--in an attempt to kill the cold, but it persists. I had such a frantically busy month that I think I just wore myself out. So my head has that dull feeling that comes with a winter cold. I tend to always get sick during this winter break, which also coincides with my birthday, which is this coming Thursday.

Yesterday in the late morning I drove with Y to New Jersey (to the "Design Within Reach Annex") where I got this sleek Italian low filing/office cabinet. Now my desk is devoid of clutter. The cabinet sits very nicely under the desk, on wheels, and so now I have a place for my MacBook in here too. I can have both computers buzzing away while I work, which is important for my audio projects. I like to call Design Within Reach "Design Within Reach of Whom?" because their stuff is so expensive, but if you can find your way to Secaucus--not the easiest task, given the confusion of New Jersey roads--you can get some deals.

Oh, here's another tune from last Monday's performance. It is "Solar" by Miles Davis.

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she said...

"design within reach of whom" made me laugh

the music made me smile, teleported me out of rainy confines

and the painting - a black n white of a color? i wonder.. do you paint to capture/express a mood or change it? and does anyone else see a person reaching up to touch a deer in the woods?

thank you as always ~s.