Monday, February 19, 2007

warning sign

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Maybe I should have taken him as a warning sign when I walked past him heading downtown on Broadway yesterday. Because shortly thereafter, things turned bad. A few words spoken with the best intentions somehow turned to poison darts, and now I am sitting at my desk, bewildered by what transpired, exhausted by thinking, and I would like to just disappear. For me, at the moment, things in general totally suck. I am not going to succumb to the urge to hibernate; I can't hibernate, there is too much going on. Sorry to be cryptic.

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she said...

i am struck by the similarities i find in your recent post "almost burning"


something short-circuited/is melting.

-and how you can apply the same solutions:

unplug. snip wires. get light.

and most importantly this knowledge:

~good thing you are here.