Sunday, March 18, 2007


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Crossing 14th Street I saw this car parked on the street. I didn't get to see what kind of car it is, but it is beautiful. It is the same color as my humble Mazda, but much more memorable. When I was little, around age eight or so, I was fascinated by cars--the design, not the mechanics--and was constantly sketching ideas for new ones. I could name the model of any car I saw, down to the year. When I was nine my father bought a black Audi sedan, available in the US for the first time; no one we knew drove foreign cars (except Volkswagens), and it seemed exotic to me.


she said...

great shot!

you'd love our main street here

i'm not too big on cars myself, but can't help but notice how many beauties line the streets on the weekends here. i enjoy watching the people who are knowledgable, and appreciative stop and look, and walk around the cars and engage the owners and other passersby in conversations

andrew said...

it's a studebaker