Saturday, March 31, 2007


Originally uploaded by madabandon.

What's with my eyes? I look crazy. And you can see my fat pianist fingers. People think pianists have long fingers. Long fingers are actually a hindrance. You want wide palms and good extension. Pianists' fingers are usually strangely stubby-looking. Next time you meet a pianist, ask to see them.


lodgerlow said...

This post reminds me of The Hands of Orlac - especially this pic!

she said...

thanks lodgerlow/good laugh seeing that pix

and madabandon - never knew that about pianists fingers/all these years believed the myth

medusa said...

Okay, now if I ever run into you on the street in Brooklyn, I'll just ask to see your hands and you'll know who I am... or it won't be you and some stranger will think I'm coming on to him.