Monday, April 23, 2007


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This picture makes me miss my Tuna more than ever. And Patsy misses him too. I wonder if she expects him to come back any moment.

I tend to be reserved and not particularly social. Among my friends though I am not shy. And I am very loyal and devoted to my friends. I recently got some very bad news about one of my best friends from college, serious illness in her family. So today I called. It was a happy/sad phone call. I realized that what really makes someone is a true friend is that when we speak, even if we have not spoken for a while (which happens as life gets busier, and people have children and we no longer live so close by one another, etc.), it is as if we had seen each other just a moment ago. She started crying as soon as she heard my voice. And I cried too, though I did so silently. And I know that with that call I was able to give her some comfort today, the comfort of an old familiar voice. I want to help and offering one's ear and heart is the simplest and best way to do so.


giacmc said...

Today I turned on the car radio and immediately there was Barber's Hermit Song 'The Monk and His Cat' (Pangur, White Pangur). Years ago, when my Cat was young, a friend sent me the sheet music. An even happier gift in remembrance than in the time of the giving.

she said...

~sweet picture~

"...offering one's ear and heart..."

exactly the kind of friend i try to be
exactly the kind of friend i deeply cherish

-prayers- ~s.

about a boy said...

im also reserved and not particularly social.

im sorry about your friend.