Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Mabel on Promenade
Originally uploaded by madabandon.

Medusa hit it on the head. The woman's compositions were graduates of Purdue University. The adjectival clause and the subject do not agree. That is today's grammar lesson. The prize is this lovely picture of lovely Mabel, who never ceases to amaze me with how sweet and nice she is.

I am feeling what the romantics would call "melancholy." In my pursuit of a kind of detachment, Buddhist-style, I am trying to be objective about my melancholy. In fact, by accepting it, I can find something positive in it, I hope.

Tomorrow early I will head north. Some solitude in the countryside will do me good. I wish I could have gone today, because the weather is so nice.


medusa said...

You also asked what was wrong with the picture. Is it that it's upside down? Something appears odd about how the light hits the windows.

madabandon said...

The picture is sideways, rotated 90 degrees.

she said...

thank you! i write everyday but could not point out an adjectival clause if you paid me. makes sense when pointed out though.

re: your melancholy and goal of detachment

i attended a poetry workshop few days ago: turning truth into beauty

instructor based the entire workshop around the last line of a bruce weigl poem: "say it clearly and you make it beautiful no matter what"

that's what i love about your art.