Thursday, May 31, 2007

den of...

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My place is a den of cuteness these days. Patsy and Ham are adorable together. Patsy has always been quite social, and now she has someone to play with. This means she no longer tortures me by knocking things off of shelves to get my attention.

I've been ridiculously busy although I had foolishly thought that things would really slow down this week. On Tuesday I hosted a venerable pianist/songwriter/arranger/producer from New Orleans. This man is really a living legend in American music. He played and talked to a huge crowd of students, who were wild in their applause. It was really cool but since it all came together very last-minute I had a tremendous amount of running around, phone-calling, getting calls, etc. And today another legendary musician will come to one of my jazz classes. It is musical celebrity week for me, I guess.

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she said...

great times/great music/great company

don't you love it when this happens.