Saturday, May 12, 2007


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This is Gino. I took him home yesterday. My vet had called. She knew I was planning on getting another cat this spring. Gino was found with a rope tied around his leg. He was badly injured, but he has recovered quite well. He still has some bad abrasions on his leg from the rope, but they are healing beautifully. He is scared of Mabel and there has been some flying fur, but when I am not home Gino stays in the bathroom where he has been cozily set up with food and all his necessities. He is very sweet and gentle, and he loves to sit next to me. Patsy seems quite curious, not scared, and I predict they will all be good friends in time.

We think Gino is about a year-and-a-half, but it is hard to tell. He is a big boy, and he wears the scars of a difficult childhood. I am glad I found him. I don't think he would be easy to place. He is not a cute kitten, and his scars won't win him any beauty prizes. Right now he is sleeping at my feet. When awake he is quite talkative.

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she said...

bless your soul and his soul too.

no healing power greater than unconditional love